Its time to finally recover from that arm and leg pain.

The Rolflex works by mimicking the pressure and precision created by a therapist thumb, from the comfort & convenience of your own home.

  • Works for over 97% of people
  • Trusted by + 50,000 people
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Fast. Simple. Effective

Never again be trapped by pain, follow our simple 3 steps whenever you need relief.


Locate your Pain

Start by rolling the Rolflex over your muscles to identify tender spots, also known as knots. Once located begin the process of applying trigger point therapy.


Apply and Maintain Pressure

After you've rolled and identified a tender spot, place the center ridge of the yellow therapy roller on that spot. Squeeze the handles to apply pressure on the muscle. Slight Discomfort here is a sign that you are on the knot. This is trigger point therapy.


The Magic | Flossing the Muscle

While maintaining pressure on that knot, start stretching the muscle. This may look like moving your hand, if your sore spot is on your forearm. Or, You might be pointing and flexing your foot if the sore spot is in your calve. This is how we get deep into the muscle and release it from the inside out, instead of what we traditionally are use to of only superficially rolling the exterior of the muscle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it fix my tennis elbow & golfers elbow?

The root cause of these pain points is the tendons. Tendons, which are connective tissue that attach muscles to bones, are made of thick bands of collagen fibers, and due to a repetitive motion, have a tendency to break down, tear and degenerate over time which causes lateral (Tennis Elbow) or medial epicondylitis( Golfers Elbow). Tendons have poor circulation and reduced blood supply, which means they are at risk of not healing well or at all. The Rolflex allows you to apply a deep tissue massage to the area that increases blood circulation to the tendons which boosts oxygen and healing properties to fix the injury.

How frequently do I have to Rolflex to Recover?

2-3 minutes, 2-3 minutes a day is all it takes. Start slow and feel it out. Moderate discomfort is good, sharp pain means you've gone too far.

Are there specific Physical Therapist led videos to walk me through the process?

Yes. 12 step by step instructional videos for the arms and 13 for the legs to get you back to the real you in no time.