Rolflex's patented design emulates a massage therapist's thumb.
Deep Tissue Foam Roller

The Rolflex Deep Tissue Massage Roller Series

Rolflex deep tissue massage rollers were developed by world-class physical therapists and sports massage therapists to help people treat muscle soreness and recover faster.

Traditional foam rollers are “too painful” and “too bulky,” but not The Rolflex Series. Our ergonomic deep tissue massage rollers let you control the massage pressure so you don’t wind up with bruises all over your body. And their small, lightweight design makes them the perfect foam roller to throw in your backpack for away games, gym sessions, and travel. 

“There has never been a self deep tissue massager that helps relieve pain, recover faster, and improve performance like the Rolflex. It’s revolutionary.”
– Gary Vitti, Former Physical Trainer for the Los Angeles Lakers


Benefits of Rolflex Deep Tissue Massage Rollers

We set out to make deep tissue foam rollers that actually worked. And for 97% of people that try them, they do! We’ve helped 50,000+ people:

  • Relieve deep tissue & muscle tension that keep you from performing your best. 
  • Prevent fatigue and accelerate recovery times after grueling workouts and tendon & muscle strains. 
  • Quickly treat muscle cramps during competition so they can get back out there. 
  • Increase their range of motion by eliminating chronic tightness. 
  • Find the only roller that helps you “say goodbye to arm & leg pain, guaranteed.”


How The Deep Tissue Rollers Work

Our patented roller uses trigger point therapy (also known as myofascial release) to mimic the pressure & precision generated by a therapist's thumb. But rather than spend time & money on an expensive massage, you can reduce muscle soreness and restore your full range of motion from home in as little as one week. 


Prepare and Recover from Your Workouts Faster

Static stretch and active warmups are critical to human performance – Rolflex does both at the same time. Instead of spending 20-30 minutes warming up and cooling down, hit your muscles with a deep tissue massage roller that effectively primes the body for training and recovery. 


Isolate knots or treat yourself to a therapeutic full-body massage

Whether you want to get rid of a muscle knot that just won’t go away or break down scar tissue across your entire body, the Rolflex Series is your go-to recovery remedy. With adjustable pressure handles, you’re in charge of how soft or deep you want your tissue massage to be. And for those spots that need a little more or less pressure, we have three contoured rollers with varying degrees of firmness. 


Treat Tendonitis

Soft tissue injuries like tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and runner’s knee are caused by strained or torn tendons resulting from overuse. And despite the wonders of the human body, tendons don’t tend to heal well without physical therapy. Enter Rolflex – our deep tissue massage roller stimulates blood circulation around the injured tendon, boosting oxygen supply and promoting healing. 


Trusted by professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and other active lifestyles

The deep tissue massage rollers were built by athletes for athletes. But they do so much more than that – reducing recovery times, treating muscle pain, and increasing performance. The revolutionary foam roller design helps:

  • Hundreds of NBA, NFL, MLB, and Olympic Athletes perform at the highest level for hours of intense training and competition. 
  • Power lifters and climbers eliminate forearm, bicep, and triceps soreness
  • Carpenters, plumbers, and electricians relieve chronic forearm & wrist pain from repetitive gripping and twisting movements.
  • Marathon and endurance runners manage patellar tendonitis (runner’s knee) and plantar fasciitis so they can keep logging miles without taking days off. 
  • Sprinters and jumpers loosen tight calves, hamstrings, and quads AND treat shin splints
  • Golfers recover from golfer’s elbow so they can get back on the course. 
  • Baseball, tennis, and volleyball players combat elbow and shoulder strain caused by repetitive overhand throwing or swinging motions. 
  • Gymnasts, yogis, and gym goers prevent carpal tunnel. 

Which deep tissue massage roller is right for you?

  • Rolflex - the original arm & leg massager that treats arm and leg pain in just minutes. It’s equipped with our firm roller. 
  • Rolflex Bundle - the ultimate recovery combination to combat every type of muscle ache & discomfort. It’s equipped with three rollers – medium, firm, and hard.
  • Roll-It - the complete neck, shoulder, and lower back massager that helps you massage hard to reach places all on your own.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Are deep tissue massage rollers good for you?

Yes, deep tissue massage rollers are 100% safe and effective at treating tight & sore muscles. The Rolflex Series mimics a sports massage, reducing inflammation and improving circulation and range of motion. 

Do deep tissue massage rollers work?

Yes, the Rolflex massage roller works for 97% of the 50,000 people who have purchased it.