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Medium Density Oval Foam Roller - The Ultimate Latic Acid Flushing Roller

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The MEDIUM Oval Roller is a favorite for those looking to flush out lactic acid. The Oval shape applies the most surface area of all the rollers we offer making it very effective in aiding the movement of fluid such as blood flow, lactic acid or water retention. Say Goodbye to your Arm & Leg Pain once and for all with the Award-Winning Rolflex.

Eliminate arm pain
Relief on the go
Eliminate leg pain
Money-back Guarantee
Features & Benefits
  • Very effective for flushing lactic acid.
  • This roller covers the most surface area making it perfect for flushing fluid. 
  • Small and compact at 4in long
  • High Quality Material: Car running it over doesn't break 
  • Designed in USA
  • What are the different color (Density)rollers for?

It's simple. Green is the least dense, yellow is in the middle and the orange is the hardest.The green is used for the boney areas like the hands, shins and top of feet.The yellow is the best all around density which is why the Rolflex comes with it.The orange is if your looking for the deepest pressure possible. Its hardness is compared to that of a lacrosse ball.

  • What type of Warranty do you offer?

We offer a 60-Day No Questions asked money back guarantee and a 2 year defect warranty. We are always just a quick email away.


Massage Therapy, now from the comfort of home

The verdict is in, Massage Therapist and Physical Therapist fully approve. "I can't live without my Rolflex, thank you for creating a deep pressure tool I use to recover my own arms after working on others all day long" - MMA Massage Therapist

The Rolflex Works For 97% Of The People That Try It.

60 Day Guarantee, All you have to lose is your pain